Institute of Inclusive Society and Culture

Institute of Inclusive Society and Culture, Faculty of Human Relations, Otsuma Women's University

Message from the Director


We will put our effort into "the realization of an Inclusive Society" where people care for diversity, respect and support each other.

The institute director, Tetsuo Fukushima

 It has been a long time since the term "diversity and inclusion" was coined. Today, no one would deny that we are striving to realize an "inclusive society" in which people from different backgrounds live together in harmony while respecting diversity. However, this is a typical example of something that is easier said than done. Even if supporters, educators, and researchers believe that they have achieved inclusion, it is inevitable that this is hubris or "the complacency of the powerful ".

 Since its establishment in 1999, the Faculty of Human Relations at Otsuma Women's University has been committed to the above-mentioned "realization of an inclusive society" as its purpose of education and research, and has conducted human resource development and research from the three academic fields of sociology, psychology, and social welfare that contribute to the realization of a inclusive society. However, we strongly felt the need to reexamine whether we are truly and correctly promoting the realization of an inclusive society. We also realized that there is still much to be clarified about what is preventing the realization of an inclusive society, including cultural, social, and psychological factors. With this in mind, we established the Institute of Inclusive Society and Culture on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty in 2019.

 Several years have passed since then, but the Institute is still in a state of exploration, partly due to Covid-19. In other words, we are still in a state of infinite possibilities. We hope to receive much guidance and encouragement, both from within and outside the university, as well as from neighboring communities, as we continue to push forward with our research, training, and educational activities.

 We are looking forward to working with you.

 Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Message from the Special Adviser


On the foundation of the Institute of Inclusive Society and Culture

The institute special adviser, Atsuko Muraki

 When I think of the way a society should be, the most important idea for me is "Inclusive Growth." First time I found this idea was at the G20 Labor and Employment Ministers' Meeting in 2014. During the process of recovery from the financial crisis of 2007-2008, all the countries which have achieved the "Sustainable Growth" had provided decent works to women, persons with disabilities, and young people, and have made them supportive population for the society. Based on this experience, the Meeting adopted a resolution that every country will strive to achieve "Inclusive Growth." After the meeting, this idea become important for G20 as a core concept. Since then the OECD reported that "inequality hurts economic growth," and a key commitment central to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly is "leaving no one behind." That the sustainable growth needs "Inclusive Society" is now a common-sense of the world.

 What kind of meaning does the realization of an inclusive society have for Japan? How can we accelerate the realization process? For that realization, how should we act in various social fields? We do not have enough answers to those questions yet. "The Institute of Inclusive Society and Culture" is an institute to find those answers together with you. We are going to do our best efforts for exciting and rich "cooperation" with you all. We would wholeheartedly appreciate it if you could cooperate with us.